How Intelli Atlas Works?

How Intelli Atlas, Inc works?

You may directly chat or call with our trained technicians and we will help you fix all the problems you are facing on your device. In case you are facing a problem with a hardware which is broken or malfunctioning then we suggest you to either contact the manufacturer of the device directly or opt for Onsite Support in which the technician will visit your place and troubleshoot the device. If you have a problem which can be resolved over the phone, then you may opt for online support. This way the technicians can immediately resolve the issue over the internet.

Important: You have complete control over the remote computer screen sharing session. If you wish you can stop the session immediately by clicking red X button on the session window and remote connection would stop. There is also a chat window through which technician will chat and you can also communicate through chat window. Once the issue is fixed our technician would ask you to check if the issue has been fixed or not? He will continue to monitor for a while just to ensure the same issue does not arise again. We do it this way to provide maximum safety and security to our customers.

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Contact Intelli Atlas through our toll free number and get connected to our skilled technical professionals. Let Intelli Atlas technician understand the computer problems that you are facing with softwares and request remote access to your computer.
Intelli Atlas technician will provide you a 6-digit logmein access code that you will need to enter on site. When you click download a remote access software (from Logmein - a public company listed on NASDAQ) will be installed on your PC.
After you install Logmein remote software click allow access to initiate remote session. Through screen sharing one of our technician will diagnose your problem or query and will provide on-time solutions to all your problems while you sit back and relax.

About Company

Intelli Atlas company profile

Intelli Atlas, Inc. is an independent computer support provider company with office in Pennsylvania and provides customer-oriented computer assistance to consumers and small businesses on computer softwares, computer devices and other computer applications.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is a Delaware Corporation with company's file number as 5665458. The company offers online subscription-based... Read more

Contact Info

  • Intelli Atlas Inc.
  • Headquarter: 19-6 Valley Rd, Drexel Hill, PA 19026
  • Registered: 1521 Concord Pike #303, Willmington, DE 19803
  • Ph: 267-414-9251

Customer Complaints & Billing

Please call 1-888-867-1342 or email to and your problem or complaints will be registered instantly. The turn around time for your complaints can take upto 2 working days. We strive to provide quality service and resolve technical issues as soon as possible. We understand that a faulty computer system can lead to many issues on personal and professional front. Our vision is to offer round the clock technical services, by trained & skilled industry experts in cost effective manner.


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